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September 12th, 2017


Stonewood Tavern,
39 Lynnfield St, Peabody, MA 01960



To my family, friends, and supporters,


On September 12th, 2017 we will be holding our campaign kick-off event from 6:00 pm-9:00 pm at Stonewood Tavern in Peabody.   The event will feature appetizers as well as a cash bar so please come show your support once again as we launch our campaign for re-election to Councilor-at-Large.  I have been blessed to enjoy many things in my life, and one them is to be associated with some really great friends.  This year at our Campaign kick-off I wanted to recognize my good friend Bill Jackson who is pictured below.  In my very early campaigns for school committee and for city council, Bill stood by me through many days of campaigning, often holding signs, going door to door, and standing at polls.  He was always the first to volunteer and the last to go home, never waivering in his support.

“In lieu of contributions to my campaign, I am asking that if you plan to attend my campaign event that you contribute $25 per person or whatever you can afford payable to: Alzheimer’s Association.  Please bring your check to the event so we can present them to Bill’s family.”

Bill ActionJackson

When Cathy and I first started our business, Bill was our first real full-time employee.  He was a hardworking employee who would do anything to help us get our new business off the ground.  His hard work and willingness to help earned him the nickname Bill “Action” Jackson.   Several years ago, Bill was diagnosed with Alzheimer’s and has been fighting the disease ever since.  While the disease has been a challenge for both Bill and his family, Bill has faced it like every other challenge, with a sense of humor and a big heart.

I would greatly appreciate you keeping my friend Bill Jackson in your prayers and thoughts. He is truly a fighter and has never lost his warm personality and smile. As Bill enters the end stage of the disease that is robbing him of his humanity, there is not much else we can do for him, but we can all help stop this disease in its tracks by supporting the Alzheimer Association in his memory.  Bill “Action” Jackson was and is my friend, and I know he would appreciate your support.  Thank you.