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Thank you for re-electing Dave Gravel for Councilor-At-Large!

About Dave

To my friends, family, long-time supporters and the citizens of Peabody,

I would like to thank you for my re-election as Councilor-at-Large! I will work hard on behalf of the citizens of Peabody for the next 2 years!


Thank you again!

Raised in Peabody…

Raised in Peabody, Dave Gravel is one of six children and a product of the Peabody public school system. He graduated from Salem State College in 1978 with a bachelor’s degree in English and from Babson College in 1984 with a MBA in finance and information systems. Dave is founder and CEO of GraVoc Associates, Inc., a technology consulting firm here in Peabody and is active with the Peabody Chamber of Commerce.

Dave has raised his family in Peabody, built his business in Peabody, and believes that we all need to commit our efforts to making our great city even better. Dave’s broad experience as an educator, school committee member, city councilor and businessman make him uniquely qualified to represent our community and to be a strong representative for all of us.

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